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Revision history for Form::Sensible
0.20020 2012-02-02
* Reflector allows skipping fields by leaving them out of the field definition
* added "additional_tt_options" option to Form::Sensible::Renderer::HTML->render() to pass options to Template::Toolkit
* Corrected bug in Number that caused warnings when invalid number input was provided
* Numerous documentation fixes (Thanks unobe)
* Added Datetime fields and tests (Thanks unobe)
0.20012 2011-02-01
* BUGFIX FileSelector problem related to basename usage
* Addition of 'with_trigger' to options processing in Reflector
0.20011 2011-01-09
* Minor fixes related to Reflector that slipped us by.
0.20010 2011-01-08
* More comprehensive Select tests
* More Numbers tests
* Add 'add_selection' method, for adding new selected options to a Select's value
* BUGFIX - Correct 'set_selection' to set selection to provided options ONLY
* Add 'additional_fields' handling to Reflector base class
* Enhance FileSelector to be able to cope with a different 'full path' than
its 'user supplied filename' Catalyst users rejoice
* BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Reflector base class no longer adds a submit button by default.
If you want this behavior, you need to use 'additional_fields' going forward, or
add the trigger yourself.
* DOCFIX - A Select field's value should be a value when accepts_multiple is false, and an array
when 'accepts_multiple' is true, even when only a single value was selected;
* BUGFIX - in Number - Default Number regex was broken.
* DOCFIX - Add note in Number field type indicating that validation is limited to numbers Perl can process directly.
* BUGFIX - When setting select value when accepts_multiple is turned on, first set_selection
call fails due to no array to push into. FIXED. Thanks Lee.
* BUGFIX - Integer check regex was broken. FIXED. Thanks Lee.
* BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Regex and coderef validations now takes place in the field's
validate() routine rather than in validator module. This makes $field->validate()
behave more predictably by performing all general field validation.
0.20002 2010-08-06
* Correct typo in Select that causes generic error messages to appear wrong.
* Add some things to the FAQ
0.20001 2010-07-25
* Reduce redundancy in templates by revamping HTML templates to include just field input elements and a wrapper
* Set HTML template fallback order so that missing files in the current theme fall-back to default theme
* Major release mainly related to the addition of delegation to Form::Sensible
* Add delegation of field values
* Add delegation of select field options
* Added ability to set fields as not editable
* TONS of documentation
* slight addition to Reflector to add a submit button automatically
* error message preparation delegation in validation (for localization, etc.)
* BEHAVIOR CHANGE: HTML Renderer now sets the CSS id of the form element to 'fs_' + formname + '_form' this was
previously used on the enclosing div. Now the CSS id of the enclosing div is now 'fs_' + formname + '_form_div'
* BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Field validate() routines are expected to return an array containing errors
or undef on 'passing validation'
* DEPRECATION NOTICE: Form::Sensible::Form's 'fields' method Deprecated.
use 'get_fields' instead
0.11222 2010-05-15
* Corrected an error in the message templates of HTML renderer that
prevented status messages from showing up.
0.11221 2010-05-07
* Corrected an error in select field rendering that would cause
selects rendered as checkboxes to not render existing values
0.11220 2010-04-21
* Moved 'accepts_multiple' into the base field class along with
adjustment to ignore multiple values when accept_multiple is false.
* Corrected a number of bugs in the select field that were introduced
who knows when.
* Added basic Select test
0.11212 2010-03-29
* Added message_for() call to Validator::Results to easily retrieve
all the error messages for the given field
0.11211 2010-03-28
* Added ability to wrap all fields with a common wrapper (thanks lukes)
* Change fieldname-based templates in HTML renderer to be
suffixed with _field (username_field, etc.)
* Added ability to pass stash variables to field rendering (also thanks lukes)
0.11210 2010-03-03
* Added minimum_length to Text field (thanks lukes)
* Added first per-field-type test in t/fields/ (also thanks lukes)
* Added ability to clear form state ($form->clear_state())
* Added ability to perform complete validation easily on a single
field ( $validator->validate_field($form->field('fieldname')) )
0.11202 2010-02-25
* fixed leftover warns in
0.11201 2010-02-22
* fixed bug in Need MOAR Tests
0.11200 2010-02-21
* Added Overview doc
* corrected bug in validation which considered values which evaluated to 'false' to be the same as 'empty'
* adjusted Text field rendering to include render_as => 'password' to render a text field as a password
* adjusted password rendering to not include the existing value (for security purposes)
* moved 'required' flag out of main field object and into validation hashref.
0.11103 2010-02-19
* Added table based templates for HTML rendering.
* Switched to <label> in most places for specifying a field label
0.11102 2010-02-19
* fixed File::ShareDir capitalization in Makefile.PL
0.11101 2010-02-19
* dropped dump_basic.t as it uses deprecated Renderer::Dump
* FS::Renderer::Dump officially dropped due to redundancy with $form->flatten
0.11100 2010-02-17
* Added validation tests
* Corrected warning in coderef processing.
* Changed coderef function format to make it easier to handle simple validation - field value passed in first.
* Every class now has docs. Validation docs more significant.