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Allows KissanimeDownloader to be used from a website
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Allows KissanimeDownloader to be used from a website. Get KissanimeDownloader from


Q: I am new to python, php, and webservers. Will I be able to use kad-php?

A: No

Q: My website,, doesn't use the same format as yours does. How do I change this?

A: Remove the otf (font) files, and change the style.css file to yours

Q: Ok, but I am using wordpress. Where is my style.css file?

A: I don't care. Make a real website.


kad-php does not work right out of the box. You need to post information to download.php from your index file or whatever the user goes to. Here is an example:

Anime URL: ``` This is assuming that download.php is in the folder kad-php. Change as necessary.

In download.php, there is a variable called $location. This is where KissanimeDownloader will save the files. Change as necessary, but make sure the directory exists before using it.

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