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Zyps is a Ruby library for creating games with creatures that act on their own.
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Zyps - An AI library for building games.


Zyps are small creatures with minds of their own. You can create dozens of Zyps, then decide how each will act. (Will it run away from the others? Follow them? Eat them for lunch?) You can combine rules and actions to create very complex behaviors.


Make sure you have administrative privileges, then type the following at a command line:

gem install zyps


Ensure wxRuby is installed and working:

gem install wxruby

At a command line, type:



Source code and documentation are available via the project site (

Once downloaded, change into the project directory. For a list of targets, run:

rake -T

To build a gem:


To see the demo:

rake demo

To create a "doc" subdirectory with API documentation:

rake rdoc

Also see "bin/zyps_demo" and the "spec" subfolder in the project directory for sample code.


Glen Franta, Scott McGinty, and so many other math, science, and computer science teachers whose names I've forgotten. Nothing I do today would be possible without your efforts so long ago.


Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Zyps Contributors. Released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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