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Commits on Aug 5, 2012
  1. fixes #404

    zurbchris authored
  2. fixed #378

    zurbchris authored
  3. temporary fix for #235. Removes shadows, positioning problems, etc. S…

    zurbchris authored
    …ocial buttons are the devil
  4. removed extra line break

    zurbchris authored
  5. removed leftover test html

    zurbchris authored
  6. removed merged in mobile block grid option because it does the same a…

    zurbchris authored
    …s if you do no include the mobile class
  7. Merge pull request #758 from haihappen/master

    Chris Michel authored
    Mixin font-size should work with ms()
  8. Merge pull request #757 from aaroncampbell/master

    Chris Michel authored
    Ordered list formatting
  9. Merge pull request #749 from awshout/error-class

    Chris Michel authored
    minor addition of .error for textareas
  10. Merge pull request #745 from trimentor/613_dropdown_rails

    Chris Michel authored
    Fixes issue #613: all dropdown events were prevented from bubbling up the DOM tree
  11. Merge pull request #741 from rowleyaj/mbgrid

    Chris Michel authored
    Add mobile block grid options
  12. Merge pull request #739 from sorenk/master

    Chris Michel authored
    Offcanvas overrides default grid, and makes flyout unable to overflow rows
  13. Merge pull request #735 from alettieri/fixCustomForm

    Chris Michel authored
    Updated the current selected list item to use the option html value
  14. Merge pull request #734 from babsgosgens/master

    Chris Michel authored
  15. Merge pull request #733 from oo12/5450c7586cc341e894162ce81d8bfe28106…

    Chris Michel authored
    Fixes Issue #405: Tabs Not Working When Base Href Set
  16. @haihappen
  17. @aaroncampbell
Commits on Aug 4, 2012
  1. added .error for textareas

    Anthony Wilhelm authored
Commits on Aug 3, 2012
  1. @trimentor

    [fixes #613] Don't prevent the event from bubbling up the DOM tree wh…

    trimentor authored
    …en clicked on any descendant of the dropdown element
Commits on Aug 2, 2012
  1. @rowleyaj

    Add mobile block grid options

    rowleyaj authored
    Adds multiple options for mobile grids upto the maximum number of
    mobile columns defined
  2. @sorenhoyer

    Update stylesheets/foundation/components/modules/_all.scss

    sorenhoyer authored
    Offcanvas should not override default grid.
    It gives the overflow:hidden property to .row, which causes the .flyout to not being able to overflow the row div.
Commits on Aug 1, 2012
  1. @alettieri

    Updated the current selected list item to use the option html value r…

    alettieri authored
    …ather than the value attribute.
  2. Add back individual row classes as that facilitates easier implementa…

    Babs Gosgens authored
    …tion in custom grids for instance @extend .twelve;
  3. Correct filepaths

    Babs Gosgens authored
  4. updated to fix typo

    zurbchris authored
  5. @oo12
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
  1. updated grid

    zurbchris authored
  2. updated semantic grid to use silint placeholders

    zurbchris authored
  3. @daftspunk

    Fixes expand class on form inputs

    daftspunk authored zurbchris committed
  4. @daftspunk

    Adds extra large size back to reveal

    daftspunk authored zurbchris committed
  5. @smileyj68

    Merge pull request #730 from bmatzner/master

    smileyj68 authored
    Add missing value for padding-right in button.full-width definition
  6. removed lists

    Anthony Wilhelm authored zurbchris committed
    lists are in common/_typography.scss and .nice is depreciated in 3.0
  7. removed .nice from tabs

    Anthony Wilhelm authored zurbchris committed
    the nice class is depreciated in 3.0
  8. @bmatzner
  9. @smileyj68

    Small README change re: ZURB

    smileyj68 authored
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