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@@ -3,14 +3,11 @@ Jogger - almost like named_scopes
Jogger is a JRuby library that enables lazy people to do very expressive graph traversals with the great [pacer gem]( If you don't know what the pacer gem is, you should probably not be here and check pacer out first. And don't miss the pacer section at the end of text.
-What does Jogger do? TL;DR
Remember the _named_scopes_ from back in the days when you were using rails? Jogger gives you _named traversals_ and is a little bit like named scopes. Jogger groups multiple pacer traversals together and give them a name. Pacer traversals are are like pipes. What are pipes? [Pipes are great!](!
The most important conceptual difference is, that the order in which named traversals are called matter, while it usually doesn't matter in which order you call named scopes.
-Jogger does two things:
+TL; DR: Jogger does two things:
1. Keep the current pacer traversal in an instance variable and allow for method chaining as well as changing the internal state of the traversal

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