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(ns making-change.core-test
(:require [clojure.test.check.clojure-test :refer [defspec]]
[clojure.test.check.generators :as gen]
[ :as prop]
[making-change.core :refer :all]))
^{:doc "Generate a set of available coins; all sets include the coin 1"}
(gen/fmap #(into #{1} %) (gen/vector gen/s-pos-int)))
^{:doc "Generate an amount and coinset, where the amount is one of the coins"}
(gen/bind gen-coinset #(gen/tuple (gen/return %) (gen/elements %))))
;; Change must add up -- or else, *gasp!* -- the function is committing fraud!
(defspec correct-change
(prop/for-all [coinset gen-coinset
amount gen/s-pos-int]
(let [change (make-change coinset amount)]
(= amount (apply + change)))))
;; If the amount is one of the coins, that change must be a single coin
(defspec smallest-change
(prop/for-all [[coinset amount] gen-amount-from-coinset]
(let [change (make-change coinset amount)]
(= 1 (count change)))))
;; The number of coins to change amount1+amount2 together must be no more than
;; the number of coins combined from changing amount1 and amount2 seperately.
(defspec combined-change
(prop/for-all [coinset gen-coinset
amount1 gen/s-pos-int
amount2 gen/s-pos-int]
;; NOTE: changing dp-change to greedy-change fails spec
(let [f (partial make-change dp-change coinset)
change-seperate (concat (f amount1) (f amount2))
change-together (f (+ amount1 amount2))]
(<= (count change-together) (count change-seperate)))))