Latest versions are very slow #126

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synic commented Sep 10, 2015

I've updated to the latest git, and it seems there's something new that's causing some lag when opening and closing nodes, and searching.

jaypei commented Sep 10, 2015

Hi synic,

Is there any message in the "Message" buffer?

synic commented Sep 10, 2015

Unfortunately, no. It seems to have been whatever change was on the 5th.

synic commented Sep 10, 2015

Yeah, definitely something wonky. Maybe just a spacemacs itself issue? I feel like you would notice it right away if it was affecting you. It takes 2-3 seconds just to expand a directory that only has 10 files in it.

EDIT: It is spacemacs: syl20bnr/spacemacs#2943

synic commented Sep 10, 2015

More Info: It doesn't seem to happen to every directory. It seems to happen to directories under git source control, that have a lot of history.

If I close emacs, rm -rf .git and go back to that directory, it is very fast again.

synic commented Sep 10, 2015

Sorry for the bug spam here. I've got steps to reproduce:

$ git clone

Then, navigate to the new emacs directory in NeoTree, and try expanding the first directory, admin. There should be some significant lag.

I'm on a MacBook Pro running Yosemite, using from homebrew.

@synic synic referenced this issue in syl20bnr/spacemacs Sep 10, 2015

Develop - Latest NeoTree is painfully slow. #2943

synic commented Sep 11, 2015

Really really sorry for the spam.

It appears to be the combination of neotree and helm-projectile. If I install only these on vanilla emacs, the problem occurs.

@jaypei jaypei added the bug label Sep 12, 2015
jaypei commented Sep 12, 2015

Sorry, according to your method, I still cannot recurrence the problem, are you enable the option 'neo-vc-integration'?

synic commented Sep 12, 2015

Yes, that is the problem. If set neo-vc-integration to nil, it is fast again.

Is there any way to speed that up?

@jaypei jaypei added question and removed bug question labels Sep 13, 2015
jaypei commented Sep 13, 2015

Yes, this feature is indeed slow, so it is closed by default.
It can speed up when NeoTree support the sub-tree refresh feature.


thanks for (setq neo-vc-integration nil)
it should be mentioned in README, what do you think?

mmlac commented Nov 12, 2015

I don't think this issue is fixed. A simple single i.e. git status should be enough to update the full tree, and it is not bound to the history of the project.

Is there a way to optimize the feature to be usable? At the current state it does more harm than good in any even medium sized projects.

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