A Ruby port of the text-version of Elite, based on Text Elite by Ian Bell
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Ruby Elite

A Ruby port of the text-based version of Elite, by Ian Bell


run elite.rb


  • Buy tradegood amount (buy amount of tradegood)
  • Sell tradegood amount (sell amount of tradegood)
  • Fuel amount (buy amount LY of fuel)
  • Jump planetname (limited by fuel)
  • Sneak planetname (jump any distance at no fuel cost)
  • Galhyp (jumps to next galaxy)
  • Info planetname (prints info on current system)
  • Mkt (shows market prices in the current system)
  • Local (lists systems within 7 light years)
  • Cash number (cheat: alters player cash)
  • Hold number (cheat: alters cargo bay size)
  • Quit or ^C (exit)
  • Help (display available commands)
  • Abbreviations allowed eg. b food 5 = Buy Food 5, m = Mkt