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Job Market Materials

This repo contains the templates and input files I use to create application materials for academic job application materials. It also contains a LaTeX template for a business card.


The school.sty file contains variables that you can use to customize an application to a specific school, including school anme and address, and department name. You can reference a LaTeX variable in any .tex file, and this behavior is demonstrated in Cover.tex. This file also includes images for a fake signature and the UNC College of Arts and Sciences logos. You should replace them the images of you signature and institution. The Quotes.Rnw file reads in summary statistics from Eval Statistics.csv (this is a fake file with randomly generated values; replace it with your actual evaluation statistics) and uses them to generate summary statistics for a statement of teaching effectiveness.

Finally, the Makefile uses GNU Make to compile all statements, generates the summary statistics in Quotes.Rnw and then combines the statement of teaching philosophy, evidence of teaching effectiveness, syllabi, and student evaluations into a single file called Portfolio.pdf using Ghostscript. This template includes one fake syllabus, two fake teaching evaluations, and one fake peer teaching evaluation. Replace these names in the Makefile as appropriate for your .pdf files.


My workflow is as follows when creating a job application:

  1. Copy the Template folder and rename it with the school/position name
  2. Fill in the LaTeX variables in school.sty with the appropriate names
  3. Customize each statement as warranted
  4. Run make in the application directory


I make several different template variations for job listings in different subfields, tenure track jobs vs. postdocs, etc. Each one gets its own template directory, and I modify the files as appropriate to the requirements of each type of position. You can create any additional documents that a position requires by copying an existing statement template and adding the new statement as a target in the Makefile.


  • cas_logo.png: UNC Arts and Sciences logo for cover letter header
  • Eval Statistics.csv: Fake course evaluation statistics
  • Signature.png: A fake signature image; replace with your own or omit from Cover.tex
  • Template/Cover.tex: Cover letter template; demonstrates how LaTeX variables in school.sty can be used in any statement
  • Template/Diversity.tex: Diversity statement template
  • Template/Quotes.Rnw: Evidence of teaching effectiveness template; uses data from Eval Statistics.csv to generate summary statistics of teaching evaluations, and includes free responses from teaching evaluations
  • Template/References.tex: A list of references template
  • Template/Research.tex: A research statement template
  • Template/Teaching.tex: A teaching statement template
  • Template/Makefile: A Makefile used to compile all .pdf files and combine the .pdf files in the Evals directory into a single teaching portfolio
  • Evals/Fake Syllabus.pdf: A fake syllabus included in the teaching portfolio
  • Evals/Fake Eval 1.pdf: A fake teaching evaluation included in the teaching portfolio
  • Evals/Fake Eval 2.pdf: A fake teaching evaluation included in the teaching portfolio
  • Evals/Fake Peer Eval.pdf: A fake peer teaching evaluation included in the teaching portfolio

Questions and Errors

Please feel free to contact me if you use this template and encounter any errors.


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