Sample code to be used in presentation to Harvard web group
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  sudo gem install sass
  sudo gem install compass


variables - J
  change color, updates everywhere
nesting - J 
  oh wait, what's this ampersand thing?
ampersand - A
  two examples
  point out variables (have some color manipulation going on, we'll get to that)
extend - J
  easier to manage style blocks, better CSS output
mixins - A
  CSS3 mixins, font-face
  keep your vendor prefixes and IE hacks out of your application styles and in your mixins
  As standards change, just change your mixin
colors - A
  tons of color functions
  change default, changes all other colors
  imagine theming
calculations - A
  simple math, calculate width from two variables.
  Hall of wWAR bar: pass in start year, end year, and total value. Calculate width and margin from those.
  position based on value passed in (if/then statement)


responsive - J 
  new features make RWD much easier
loops - A
  nested loops to create a large number of styles for seizure meter stream events
  7 different severity ratings
  10 different sizes based on quantity
compass - J
  grid example
sprites - A
  throw some images in a folder
  compiles the sprite, generates css for height/width/position