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Python Library for Processing EEM Spectra
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Python Library for Processing EEM Spectra including training and vizualization of convolutional neural networks to identify chemicals or components present in samples.

pyeem functions

(under development)

  • Import meta-data
  • Import Spectra from instument file(s)
    • EEMs
    • Absorbance Measurements
  • Subtract blanks
  • Remove Scatter
    • Using interpolation
    • Replace with fixed value (i.e. zero)
  • Ramam normalize
  • Crop EEM
  • Inner filter effect correction
  • EEM Vizualization
    • Contour plots
  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
    • Data augmentation
    • Network Training
    • Result Vizualization (Parity Plots)
    • Salinecy Maps and Vizualizations
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