A few python scripts to post your most recent upvoted answers on Twitter
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#QuoraTweeter quoraTweeter is a collection of Python scripts which help you scrape, parse, and tweet a user's Quora activity to Twitter. Bitly integration also lets you analyze traffic to all the links the script tweets. For a sample output, visit http://twitter.com/quoragems

##Functionality After configuring all APIs, a specified Twitter account will autonomously post tweets in the following format:

‹Quora Question Text› ‹Hash Tag from Quora Categories› ‹Bitly URL to Quora Question› The scripts parse a user's page daily and find new questions that have not yet been posted to Twitter. Using Bitly's API, the scripts also enable tracking click through rates of each tweet/link.

##Non-Standard Dependencies

  • selenium
  • beautifulsoup
  • bitly_api
  • twitter (note: this is not python-twitter)

##Getting Started

  1. Install all dependencies
  2. Register for a bitly account and get API key
  3. Create Twitter handle and register an application with read and write permissions
  4. Create (or find) a user profile on Quora
  5. Update global variables in driver.py and run it