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Tool Changing 3D printer with a larger print volume and minimal machined parts
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Tool Changing 3D printer with a larger print volume and minimal machined parts.


The design is pretty much completed and I am currently ordering and printing components. I plan to have it built within the next couple of months or so.

Design Goals

  • Use the duet 3 board plus appropriate expansion boards
  • Have direct drive tools
  • Use a motor on the carriage for the tool changer (although this may be upgraded down the line to cable driven)
  • Have 3 point levelling
  • Have a minimal number of machined components (at the moment this stands at the bed and the locking pin).
  • Design everything in Solidworks
  • Stay E3D Tool compatible (my tools use 10mm balls but this wouldn't affect the tool changer)

The todo list

These aren't in any particular order

  • Design an exnclosure
  • Add a method of wiping each tool
  • Swap to the E3D Hermes when available
  • Release duet config files
  • Sort out electronics layout
  • Update the bed model to include embedded magnets for swappable print surfaces
  • Determine location of end stops for X, Y and Z

Supplied Formats

The design will be supplied in the following file formats

  • Solidworks - All files in native 2019 format. This is what I use to model everything
  • Step - All files will be available as step. The assembly step files are segregated.
  • STL - All printables
  • 3MF - All printables
  • PDF - Drawings for all machined parts

I welcome any feedback on this printer and will be working more on the design over the coming weeks.

About Me

I'm a mechaical engineer by trade and have been dabbling in 3D printing for the last 9 years. I have owned a number of printers, mainly cartesian or delta types. This is my first coreXY. I plan on posting on My Blog with my build progression. There is a Discord Server. Come and join me for a chat!

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