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[ ] Make sure rewrite rules are working correctly
[ ] Make Rewrite conditions work
[ ] Check if all rewrite flags are working
[ ] Create unit-test environment so we can test if things work
[ ] Update documentation
[ ] Update unittests
[ ] Remove subrequests. We don't use them (maybe dir.c uses it?)
[ ] Condition / _expandTestString needs to be fixed
[ ] Correct path-info when dealing with apache router.php and uri: /router.php/test/blaat.php/this/is/pathinfo?debug
[ ] In directives, do we need \HTRouter\Request $request or does the variableContainer (getConfig()) suffice?)
[ ] refactor explode() into preg_split() (better handling of spaces)
[ ] Add default fallback module for authentication (really needed?)
[ ] Trimming should be done by config parser, not the actual modules
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