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PHP ASN.1 extension
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Initial ASN.1 pecl extension.

Implemented functionality: (X means not implemented, - not sure if needed)

-      asn1_array2tree: ASN.1 field functions
-      asn1_copy_node: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_create_element: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_delete_element: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_delete_structure: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_find_structure_from_oid: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_number_of_elements: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_read_tag: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_read_value: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_write_value: ASN.1 field functions
       asn1_print_structure: ASN.1 field functions

asn1_bit_der: DER functions
asn1_der_coding: DER functions
asn1_der_decoding: DER functions
asn1_der_decoding_element: DER functions
asn1_der_decoding_startEnd: DER functions
asn1_expand_any_defined_by: DER functions
asn1_expand_octet_string: DER functions
asn1_get_bit_der: DER functions
asn1_get_length_ber: DER functions
asn1_get_length_der: DER functions
asn1_get_octet_der: DER functions
asn1_get_tag_der: DER functions
asn1_length_der: DER functions
asn1_octet_der: DER functions

-      asn1_find_node: Auxilliary functions
       asn1_check_version: Auxilliary functions

-      asn1_parser2array: ASN.1 schema functions
       asn1_parser2tree: ASN.1 schema functions

X      asn1_perror: Error handling functions
       asn1_strerror: Error handling functions
X      libtasn1_perror: Error handling functions
X      libtasn1_strerror: Error handling functions
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