A simple site that allows you to setup / display your development box configurations
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A (simple) site that allows developers to show their development environments off to the public. It allows you to add your machines, (virtual) operatingsystems and software packages in an easy manner and see how others have configured their systems. Find out how other developers similar to you develop, how you can improve your setup as well and get an answer to the question what the most used hardware, or which PHP IDE is the most popular.


  • [i] Paginate software
  • Friend users
  • Users should be able to add hardware / software / software / etc
  • activation text and email texts should be in a decent layout
  • email should be send to administrator when a new user has registered.
  • resources can only be deleted if they are not in use (or even ever?)
  • Matchenvironment widget should check matches based on environments (how do we calculate this?)
  • Can we easily add fancyboxes for add/edit ?
  • Do we even need messages? (if not, delete them)
  • Let friends add kudos to the software you use, and comment on your configs
  • Add comments to machines / environments
  • Wizard style addition of data for users.
  • Let user upload images to hardware/software/operatingsystems
  • Add links that allow users to add hardware/software/OS
  • View more in the top-widgets should point to a TOP-X page (paginated) page.
  • Make sure that machine / environment matches up (ie: /box/machine/X/environment/Y)
  • When adding new hardware, the image of the hardware should be displayed (just like the gravatar images?)
  • Implement user profile (/profile)
  • fancybox always uses 75% now, make it so it autoscales to small window
  • On password forget implementation, make sure we have a nice noticebar and the window closes automatically
  • easy search through software
  • wells and tabbars (and the span3's in the thumbnails) do not play along nicely (cannot use row/span12) (seems like you cannot use colspans in wells)
  • Users should be able to edit their ratings for a period of time
  • Users can add multiple comments, but only one rating
  • Display average rating of a component
  • Add top widget with how many ratings are given, average rating, top rated products
  • Top 3 hardware == Top 3 USED hardware, not Top 3 rated hardware
  • Top widgets should be randomly chosen


  • Make sure users can register and login
  • setup firewalling
  • Make forgot password work
  • [-] Create a twitter-type. This should be able to add
    @ in the form (already present in moopa)
  • Rename "sidebar" to "widget"
  • Add gravatar
  • During registration, check user/email through ajax. Give it a checkmark when it's ok.
  • add data fixtures
  • Active status on the menu items (how to set the "active" class) (add knpMenu or something)
  • Rename configuration into machine.
  • Box image is too large on the frontpage (get rid of the 50%)
  • add a "add environment" thumbnail in the thumbnail view (also for machines)
  • Notification bars are not completely lined up with the "well"
  • first/second in registration should be translated
  • twitter handle should be added
  • when adding email address to registration, it should automatically load gravatar image
  • Display comments to software / hardware / operating systems
  • Add comments to software / hardware / operating systems
  • registration.flash.user_created should be translated