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A new OO programming scripting language, based on primarily Python, PHP and Ruby. Its primary features:

  • interpreted language
  • dynamically, strong typed
  • everything is an object
  • full unicode support
  • method + operator overloading

More information can be found at our website: and we're on IRC (freenode) as well, join us in channel #saffire.


We LOVE new contributors. Please join the #saffire channel at IRC (freenode) for more information about contributing to the project. There is no need have deep knowledge of C or knowing lots about compilers and stuff. There are lots of other things that needs to be done and all the help on every level is welcome! Also, we love to meet new people, so come and say hi to us.

Installing Saffire

There are two ways to install Saffire. The easy way, and the hard way :) The easy way consists of setting up a virtualbox environment that will automatically install everything you need through the help of vagrant. The hard way, well, you do everything yourself. Please read the information in the documentation/ file on how to install Saffire.

Using Saffire

Saffire is under construction and experience heavy redesign on occasion for as long as we haven't hit a stable release. Obviously, the closer we get, the less things will change and the current base is getting pretty solid fortunately. Please checkout the documentation/ file in order to figure out how to start with Saffire.

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