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Ansible Kafka

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An ansible role to install and configure kafka distributed pub/sub messaging queue clusters.

How to get it

Add to your playbooks requirements.yml:

- src:

and then run:

ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml --ignore-errors

Or if you just want to grab this role and start using it:

cd my-playbook-folder/roles
git clone
cd -

How to use it

Once the role is installed, configure it from your playbook file (e.g. playbook.yml).


    - hosts: [all]
        - {
          role: "ansible-kafka",
          kafka_hosts: "{{ groups.kafka | list }}",
          kafka_zookeeper_hosts: "{{ zookeeper_hosts | list }}"
          kafka_version:,     # Kafka version override.
          kafka_scala_serverion: 2.10 # Scala version override.

Where kafka_hosts and zookeeper_hosts are both defined variables (e.g. in group_vars/all), and contain the list of hosts to use.

Important Note

If you are using this role from the ansible-galaxy website, make sure you use "jaytaylor.kafka" for the role name (rather than "ansible-kafka").

Role variables

  • kafka_hosts - list of hosts in the cluster.
  • kafka_zookeeper_hosts - list of zookeeper hosts for the cluster.
  • kafka_broker_id - Integer uniquely identifying the broker, by default one will be generated for you either by this role or by kafka itself for versions >= 0.9.
  • kafka_generate_broker_id - Flag controlling whether to generate a broker id, defaults to yes.
  • kafka_server_defaults - Default Kafka server settings. This variable shoulnd't usually be changed.
  • kafka_producer_defaults - Default Kafka producer settings. This variable shouldn't usually be changed.
  • kafka_server - Allows to overwrite particular default server settings (from kafka_server_defaults variable). Values in this hash are combined with kafka_server_defaults variable.
  • kafka_producer - Allows to overwrite particular default producer settings (from kafka_producer_defaults variable). Values in this hash are combined with kafka_server_defaults variable.
  • kafka_healthcheck_address - If not defined, this will dynamicaly set to kafka_server_defaults.host_name or kafka_server.host_name if defined. Defaults to ''
  • kafka_java_version - Java version to install. Defaults to "openjdk-7-jre-headless"

Version notes

Version 2.0.0 does not support Ansible versions lower than 2.2.

Before version 2.0.0, server and producer Ansible variables were used to configure Kafka Server and Kafka Producer respecively, but 2.0.0 introduced better variable scoping and better variable overwritting:

  • server variable became kafka_server, so it is inside Kafka role "scope". It is a hash that is combined with kafka_server_defaults hash, overwriting the values defined in the former. This makes easier to overwrite just some particular setting, instead of rewritting the whole server variable hash jus tto change one setting.
  • producer variable became kafka_producer, and it behaves now the same way as kafka_server variable. Also kafka_producer_defaults hash has the default values for producer.


  • healthcheck_address became kafka_healthcheck_address, which improves its scope.
  • nofiles_limit became kafka_nofiles_limit




Jay Taylor

@jtaylor - - github