The Open-source self-hosted Platform-as-a-Service written in Go
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Additional information is available at


ShipBuilder is a git-based application deployment and serving system written in Go.

Primary components:

  • ShipBuilder command-line client
  • ShipBuilder server
  • Container management (LXC)
  • HTTP load balancer (HAProxy)

Build Packs

Any app server can run on ShipBuilder, but it will need a build-pack! The current build-packs are:

  • python - Any python app
  • nodejs - Node.js apps
  • scala-sbt - Scala SBT applications and projects
  • playframework2 - Play-framework 2.1.x


  • Ubuntu 13.10, 13.04, or 12.04 (tested and verified compatible)
  • go-lang v1.2 or v1.1
  • envdir (linux: apt-get install daemontools, os-x: brew install daemontools)
  • git and bzr clients
  • Amazon AWS credentials + an s3 bucket

Server Installation




Creating your first app

All applications need a Procfile. In ShipBuilder, these are 100% compatible with Heroku's Procfiles (documentation).


Getting Help

Have a question? Want some help? You can reach shipbuilder experts any of the following ways:

Discussion List: ShipBuilder Google Group IRC: #shipbuilder on FreeNode Twitter: ShipBuilderIO

Or open a GitHub issue.


  1. "Fork"
  2. Make a feature branch.
  3. Do your commits
  4. Send "pull request". This can be
    1. A github pull request
    2. A issue with a pointer to your publicly readable git repo
    3. An email to me with a pointer to your publicly readable git repo


Thank you to SendHub for supporting the initial development of this project.