DEPRECATED! Usage examples for Android Maven Plugin
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Android Maven Plugin - Sample Projects


This project is deprecated. All sample projects for the Android Maven Plugin as of version 4.0.0-rc.1 are part of the actual plugin codebase and run as integration tests. They can be found in the src/it/projects folder at

The following content is mostly historical information and reference:


This project includes a whole number of example projects that use the Android Maven Plugin available at

It serves as samples for users as well as a test cases for the ongoing development of the plugin.

Documentation can be found there as well as in README files in the folders of the different examples.

To run all projects you will need the support library and other libraries from the SDK deployed to your Maven repository. Use the Maven Android SDK Deployer to do that.

Versioning and Downloads

The 'master' branch of this project always uses the latest development version of the Android Maven Plugin and as such is always x.y.z-SNAPSHOT.

The 'stable' branch uses the latest relase of the plugin that has been pushed to the Central Repository.

There are also branches for specific versions of the Android Maven Plugin with the branch naming equal to the version of the plugin.

You can just download the project as usual from github with

git clone

Alternatively downloading of a zip file of a specific branch can be done via specific URL e.g.

List of Projects/Modules

There are a number of sub modules in this project. Here is the description for the top level ones. Details about each one is in the folder for the individual project.


the Android SDK API demo application suite for Android 16


a simple example application


a number of libraries in aar and apklib format being created and used in application examples


a simple example application with some external Java code from a library being used and an instrumentation test project


a number of example libraries and applications using the Android NDK


an example application written in Scala


example applications using the support library


an example application from the gradle samples project from the Android SDK team converted to a Maven based build