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📦@parcel-bundler plugin for loader markdown string, markdown output HTML.
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Parcel plugin for loader markdown string.


Install the plugin

npm install parcel-plugin-markdown-string --save-dev

Import your markdown files!

import MarkdownString from './';

console.log(MarkdownString) // => Output markdown string.

If you want to convert directly to HTML, you need to set marked options in package.json.

  "name": "example",
  "marked": {
    "breaks": true,
    "pedantic": false,
    "gfm": true,
    "tables": true,
    "sanitize": false,
    "smartLists": true,
    "smartypants": false,
    "xhtml": false
    // ...

Import Markdown output HTML!

import HTMLString from './';

console.log(HTMLString) // => Output HTML string.
document.body.innerHTML = html;


npm run test
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