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TSBB is a CLI tool for developing, testing and publishing modern TypeScript projects with zero configuration, and can also be used for module or react component development. @tsbbjs


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TSBB is a CLI tool for developing, testing and publishing modern TypeScript projects with zero configuration, and can also be used for module or react component development.

TypeScript + Babel = TSBB

Migrate from tsbb 3.x to 4.x.


  • 🔥 Single dependency zero-configuration
  • ⏱ Quick initialization of example projects and entering development mode
  • ♻️ Automatic recompilation of code when files are added, modified, or removed
  • 📚 Readable source code that encourages learning and contribution
  • 🚀 Faster compilation speeds
  • ⚛️ Support for React and Vue 3 component compilation
  • Jest test runner setup with defaults of tsbb test

Quick Start

You will need Node.js installed on your system.

$ yarn create tsbb [appName]
# or npm
$ npm create tsbb@latest my-app -- -e express
# --- Example name ------┴ˇˇˇˇˇ
# or npx
$ npx create-tsbb@latest my-app -e koa

# npm 7+, extra double-dash is needed:
$ npm init tsbb my-app -- --example typenexus
# npm 6.x
$ npm init tsbb my-app --example typenexus

$ cd my-project

$ npm run watch # Listen compile .ts files.
$ npm run build # compile .ts files.
$ npm start

1️⃣ Installation & Setup

$ npm i -D microbundle

2️⃣ Set up your package.json:

  "name": "@pkg/basic",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "main": "./cjs/index.js",      // where to generate the CommonJS bundle
  "module": "./esm/index.js",    // where to generate the ESM bundle
  "exports": {
    "require": "./cjs/index.js", // used for require() in Node 12+
    "default": "./esm/index.js"  // where to generate the modern bundle (see below)
  "scripts": {
    "watch": "tsbb watch",
    "build": "tsbb build --bail",
    "test": "tsbb test",
    "coverage": "tsbb test --coverage --bail"
  "devDependencies": {
    "tsbb": "4.1.14"

3️⃣ Try it out by running npm run build.


create-tsbb initialize the project from one of the examples:

$ npx create-tsbb my-app -e <Example Name>
# --- E.g: ----------------┴ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ
# npx create-tsbb my-app -e Basic

You can download the following examples directly. Download page.

TypeScript Project

To configure the tsconfig.json properly, you must first define either the include or files field(s) to specify which files need to be compiled. Once you've done that, you can then specify the outDir for the output directory in the configuration.

  "$schema": "",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "module": "commonjs",
    "target": "esnext",
    "outDir": "./lib",
    "strict": true,
    "skipLibCheck": true
  "include": ["src/**/*"],
  "exclude": [

After completing tsconfig.jso configuration, you can configure scripts in package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "watch": "tsbb watch",
    "build": "tsbb build"
  "devDependencies": {
    "tsbb": "*"

Babel Project

Adding the parameter --use-babel to your project enables babel to compile and output cjs/esm files simultaneously, while ts is only needed for type output.

$ tsbb build "src/*ts" --use-babel

You can change the built-in settings of Babel by adding a .babelrc configuration file. Additionally, you can modify the Babel configurations for esm and cjs separately through environment variables. Please refer to the example below:

  "env": {
    "cjs": {
      "presets": ["@babel/preset-typescript"]
    "esm": {
      "presets": ["@babel/preset-env", {
        "modules": false,
        "loose": true,
        "targets": {
          "esmodules": true,

At compile time, specify the environment variable --envName='xxx' to enable reading of relevant configurations from the settings. This environment variable can also be customized.

  "env": {
    "xxx": { ... }

Command Help

Below is a help of commands you might find useful.


▶ tsbb --help

Usage: tsbb <command>


  tsbb build [source…] [options]   Build your project once and exit.
  tsbb watch [source…] [options]   Recompile files on changes.
  tsbb test [options]              Run jest test runner in watch mode.
  tsbb copy|cpy <source …> [options]   Copy files.


  --bail                     Exit the compile as soon as the compile fails(default: true).
  --use-babel                Use Babel.(works in babel)
  --source-maps              Enables the generation of sourcemap files.(works in babel)
  --env-name                 The current active environment used during configuration loading.(works in babel)
  --esm                      Output "esm" directory.(works in babel)
  --cjs                      Output "cjs" directory.(works in babel)
  --use-vue                  Supports "Vue3", requires "--use-babel" to be used together.

  --version, -v              Show version number
  --help, -h                 Show help


  $ tsbb build src/*.ts                    Build your project.
  $ tsbb build src/main.ts src/good.ts     Specify the entry directory.
  $ tsbb build src/*.ts --use-babel --no-source-maps   No "" file is generated. (works in babel)
  $ tsbb watch src/*.ts --use-babel --cjs ./cjs        Watch Output directory.
  $ tsbb build src/*.ts --use-babel --esm ./es         Output directory.
  $ tsbb build src/*.ts --use-babel --use-vue          To add Vue JSX support.
  $ tsbb test                              Run test suites related
  $ tsbb test --coverage --bail            Test coverage information should be collected
  $ tsbb copy  'src/*.png' '!src/goat.png' --output dist     Copy files.
  $ tsbb copy  'src/*.png' 'src/goat.{js,d.ts}' --output dist --watch

  Copyright 2023

tsbb create

Please use create-tsbb to create an example.

tsbb test

Runs the test watcher (Jest) in an interactive mode.

$ tsbb test                          Run test suites related
$ tsbb test --coverage --no-color    Test coverage information should be collected
export declare type Argv = Arguments<Partial<{
  all: boolean;
  automock: boolean;
  bail: boolean | number;
  cache: boolean;
  cacheDirectory: string;
  changedFilesWithAncestor: boolean;
  changedSince: string;
  ci: boolean;
  clearCache: boolean;
  clearMocks: boolean;
  collectCoverage: boolean;
  collectCoverageFrom: string;
  collectCoverageOnlyFrom: Array<string>;
  color: boolean;
  colors: boolean;
  config: string;
  coverage: boolean;
  coverageDirectory: string;
  coveragePathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  coverageReporters: Array<string>;
  coverageThreshold: string;
  debug: boolean;
  env: string;
  expand: boolean;
  findRelatedTests: boolean;
  forceExit: boolean;
  globals: string;
  globalSetup: string | null | undefined;
  globalTeardown: string | null | undefined;
  haste: string;
  init: boolean;
  injectGlobals: boolean;
  json: boolean;
  lastCommit: boolean;
  logHeapUsage: boolean;
  maxWorkers: number | string;
  moduleDirectories: Array<string>;
  moduleFileExtensions: Array<string>;
  moduleNameMapper: string;
  modulePathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  modulePaths: Array<string>;
  noStackTrace: boolean;
  notify: boolean;
  notifyMode: string;
  onlyChanged: boolean;
  onlyFailures: boolean;
  outputFile: string;
  preset: string | null | undefined;
  projects: Array<string>;
  prettierPath: string | null | undefined;
  resetMocks: boolean;
  resetModules: boolean;
  resolver: string | null | undefined;
  restoreMocks: boolean;
  rootDir: string;
  roots: Array<string>;
  runInBand: boolean;
  selectProjects: Array<string>;
  setupFiles: Array<string>;
  setupFilesAfterEnv: Array<string>;
  showConfig: boolean;
  silent: boolean;
  snapshotSerializers: Array<string>;
  testEnvironment: string;
  testFailureExitCode: string | null | undefined;
  testMatch: Array<string>;
  testNamePattern: string;
  testPathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  testPathPattern: Array<string>;
  testRegex: string | Array<string>;
  testResultsProcessor: string;
  testRunner: string;
  testSequencer: string;
  testURL: string;
  testTimeout: number | null | undefined;
  timers: string;
  transform: string;
  transformIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  unmockedModulePathPatterns: Array<string> | null | undefined;
  updateSnapshot: boolean;
  useStderr: boolean;
  verbose: boolean;
  version: boolean;
  watch: boolean;
  watchAll: boolean;
  watchman: boolean;
  watchPathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;


$ npm i
$ npm run build


As always, thanks to our amazing contributors!

Made with contributors.


MIT © Kenny Wong