REPL shell to play with your beanstalkd server
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a python REPL shell to play with your beanstalkd server.

dependencies: PyYAML

run it


see what's in the queue

bean> ls

tube      	    ready	buried
default       	0	    0
email        	5	    0
image_process 	2	    1

3 tubes

and more stuffs

bean> help

    ls                       list tubes available in the queue
    stat [<tube>]            show statistics of queue.
                             optionally, specify <tube> name to view a particular tube.
    inspect <tube>           prints all the ready jobs content of the specified tube
    clear <tube>             clears all the jobs of the specified tube
    pop <tube>               pops out a ready job from the specified tube & prints its content    
    pop-buried <tube>        pops out a buried job from the specified tube & prints its content    
    kick <tube>              kicks atmost bound job into ready queue
    put <tube> <job>         put / produce a job in to the tube
    json                     turn ON/OFF json validation while putting a job
    ctrl+d                   quit the bean shell

run a command directly from shell instead of getting in REPL mode

beanshell -c ls

specify beanstalkd server address

By default, beanshell connects to localhost:11300 . You can specify a different server address using -s or --server option.

beanshell -s 'jobserver:9888'

Or you can set it in an environment variable and just run beanshell

export BEANSHELL_SERVER=jobserver:9888