Little projects I make each weekend for fun, learning & practice.
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Weekend Labratory

These are just some expiriments and fun projects I try to write each weekend to suck less. Some of these will be written & designed from scratch, some assets may be used from other sources (with proper respect to credit & licensing), some of these will be from following tutorials. I'll do my best to document which ones are which.


The goal is really just to play with the technologies that have not come up through work.


As much as I would love to say EACH AND EVERY weekend this will be updated--I've got the focus of a small infantile rodent sooo there may be periods of time where nothing gets made. Unfortunate, but I don't want to feel like I've failed for missing a week when nothing is at stake soo yeah....


Project Date Added Description Link Article
Bug Game 10/27/2013 Renders a bug graphic to the canvas which can be moved with the arrow keys. Designed & coded by me. View