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Send files to your friends from the command line.

Inspired by @samsquire's #86 Friend Pipe.

Unfinished! The below is just the proposed API.


First install the CLI utility:

npm install -g friendpipe

Then add a protocol handler. Only mailto exists right now :).

npm install -g friendpipe-protocol-mailto


Let's start by configuring SMTP:

friend set
friend set smtp.port 25
friend set smtp.from

Next let's add some friends:

friend add jason
friend add bob

Now we can send files:

# send a single file to a single person
friend send foo.jpg jason

# send multiple files multiple people
# (args can be in any order, nicknames take precedence)
friend send foo.jpg bar.png jason bob

# pipe a file to a single recipient
cat foo.jpg | friend send jason bob

# with manual mime type:
cat kitteh.png | friend send --type=image/png bob

# set a custom subject line:
friend send -s "check out this grizzly bear" bear.jpg jason


Protocol handlers are implemented in npm modules named according to.

For example, to implement a webdav protocol handler you would call your module friendpipe-protocol-webdav.