Bookmarklet which adds jQuery to the current page then displays a console for evaluating Javascript expressions
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jQuery Console - JS Console Overlay Bookmarklet
  (c) 2008, 2009 Jason Frame (
  Released under The MIT License.

Small bookmarklet which dynamically adds jQuery to the current page if not already present then presents a small console overlay for evaluating Javascript expressions.

How to use:

* run `rake` to generate out.html
* open out.html in your browser
* drag the "jQuery console" link to your bookmarks bar
* click link to toggle visibility of console

Mac users can replace steps 1 and 2 with `rake open`

Usage notes:

* up/down arrow keys scroll through command history
* result of last evaluated expression stored in _
* result of last evaluated jQuery selector stored in _$
* shorthand syntax for executing jQuery selector: "$ div.baz > a"
* "this" is an anonymous object; type "reset!" to reset it.