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namespace phpx;
class ClassNotFoundException extends \Exception {}
class Library
private static $classes = array();
public static function register_file(SourceFile $file) {
foreach ($file->get_defined_classes() as $class) {
public static function register_class(ClassDef $class) {
self::$classes[$class->get_qualified_name()] = $class;
public static function get_class_definition($class_name) {
$class_name = absolutize_namespace($class_name);
// class_exists will consult the autoloader, which should be configured
// to delegate loading to phpx
if (class_exists($class_name, true)) {
if (isset(self::$classes[$class_name])) {
return self::$classes[$class_name];
} else {
throw new ClassNotFoundException("Class $class_name is loaded, but not present in phpx registry");
} else {
throw new ClassNotFoundException("Class $class_name does not exist");
public static function lookup($class) {
return self::get_class_definition(absolute_class_name($class));
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