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spitfire - a PHP ORM & code-generator

© 2010 Jason Frame [ / @jaz303 ]
Released under the MIT License.

This is pretty experimental stuff and barely working.


  • base-php
  • phake
  • superload


  • Clone the main spitfire repo, and any of its dependencies you're going to want to change
  • Copy the dev-bootstrap script from the spitfire project root to your filesystem
  • From the console, invoke ./dev-bootstrap your_github_username target_dir
  • A skeleton project will be set up in target_dir, preferring any dependencies you've cloned (for read/write access), and falling back to the original read-only versions.

Basic Concepts

A model class extends SpitfireModel, defines its properties, associations and validations via annotations, and contains a placeholder where the generated code should be inserted. A rough example:

 * :model
 * :table = "users"
 * :belongs_to[] = ["account", {"class_name" => "Account"}]
class User extends SpitfireModel
     * :serial
    protected $id;
     * :property
     * :required
     * :validate[] = ["match", "/^[a-z0-9_-]{3,}$/"]
    protected $username;


And then you compile it all like this:

require 'backend.php';

$builder = new spitfire\Builder;