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mdunham commented Oct 27, 2011

Allows for changing the style of the tooltip element. I included a white theme so you can do tipsy({ theme: 'white' }); to get your tooltip to appear white and tipsy(); by default will use the default theme which is black.

Mottie commented Mar 14, 2012

I have a slightly different take on your method in my pull request. Basically the text, background and arrow border colors are set using javascript instead of css. So there are no set themes.

behz4d commented Oct 10, 2012

@mdunham this is usable while we want to define the tipsy like:
$('#test').tipsy({trigger: 'focus', gravity: 'n', theme: 'white'});

what if we want to show the tipsy with show() event? like:

how this could be helpful with manual triggers like show()?
thanks in advance

behz4d commented Oct 25, 2012

@mdunham @jaz303 @Mottie one question regarding theme option:
I have my inputs with trigger: 'focus', so basically when the user clicks in the inputs the tooltip shows up, the theme here is depended on how I defined tipsy for this input and if it's not defined it will use the default (black):
$('#blah').tipsy({trigger: 'focus', gravity: 'n', theme: 'black'});

Now the user submits the form, I check the values with ajax and now for notifying the user about the error he has made for this input, I want to show the tooltip again:
HERE I want to use the 'red' theme option, it's not possible since it's already defined as 'black' :-(
how I could change theme on the second call?
I want that the default theme which shows for inputs go black, and while I want to show the tooltip as error the theme goes 'red'.

I would really appreciate any kind of help regarding this issue.
Thanks in advance

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