Command-line client for BaseCamp time-tracking
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This is a simple command line utility to log time in BaseCamp. Time is logged into a simple text file and then the script is run to batch-upload your entries.

Usage Instructions

  1. Clone the project
  2. Copy example_config.rb to ~/.timetrack.rb
  3. Edit ~/.timetrack.rb and configure your API key and personal mappings (see below)
  4. Copy time_data.example to a suitable place
  5. (optional) Set up shells aliases. I use the following:
    alias tte="mate ~/timetracking/time_data"
    alias ttc="tracktime ~/timetracking/time_data"
  6. Update your time_data file and run /path/to/tracktime /path/to/time_data whenever you need to submit time-tracking info


To save you remembering the IDs of todo items, or their exact titles, TrackTime allows you to map memorable strings to task IDs, along with a default description to use in the event none is entered in time_data. It is possible to map multiple strings to the same task ID (allowing a bunch of different default descriptions).

Creating a map is simple:

# Map the memorable string "holiday" to todo ID 12345 and default description "Holiday" 'holiday', 12345, "Holiday"

To use this mapping in time_data:

16/12/2010 ! holiday

Or to override the default description:

16/12/2010 ! holiday Compassionate leave