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SMS gateway integration for Ruby, whether on or off the Rails

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(c) 2009 Jason Frame []

Like ActionMailer, but for (outgoing) SMS, featuring pluggable adapters for different SMS gateways. Currently only supports iTAGG but writing a new adapter for your new provider should be quick and easy.

Warning - it's a little rough round the edges.

Quick Example

  :gateway => TxtMachine::Gateways::Itagg,
  :username => "username",
  :password => "password",
  :originator => "Captain Haddock"

# Send a single message
TxtMachine.send_message("Message body", :to => "07123456789")

# Send a single message, alternative syntax
TxtMachine.send_message(:to => "07123456789", :body => "Message body")

# Send message to multiple recipients
TxtMachine.send_message("Foobar", :to => [number1, number2, number3])

# Open a session if your adapter uses stateful connections
TxtMachine.start do |tm|
  tm.send_message("Foobar", :to => some_number)
  tm.send_message("Bazbar", :to => some_other_number)
  tm.send_message("Bleem", :to => bob)

Writing an adapter

Check out TxtMachine::Gateways::Skeleton, it's probably easiest to extend this. Most SMS gateways I've seen use HTTP so all you need to do is implement the send method in your adapter to send in-place.

Test Integration

Like ActionMailer, TxtMachine has a test mode which pushes all delivered messages onto an array:

# Equivalent to:
# TxtMachine[:gateway] = TxtMachine::Gateways::Test
# TxtMachine.clear_deliveries!

TxtMachine.send_message("my message", :to => [r1, r2])

assert_equal 1, TxtMachine.deliveries.length
=> true


Please do :) Fork away...

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