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From the spanish word "Redondear" which means "to shaped like a circle or cylinder" comes this niffty library all projects should start using in order to human-proof their website.


Have you recenlty seen Google's new search bar? Or it's calendar events?

Googles roundess

They are all rounded. Google is removing from it's sites shap edges, so when humanity gets the technology to upload one's concious mind on the internet, we won't boo boo our heards with sharp pointy edges.



Install Redond-it in your Node.js powered apps with the npm package:

$ npm install redond-it

require('redond-it') will load all of Redond-it's plugins onto the app object. The Redond-it module itself does not export anything, it's all magic like that.


Simply add the following snippet to your page and you are good to go!

<script src="//" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

The future is now

Human-proof your app today