Laravel Package for Creating a Drag-and-Drop Form Builder Using JQuery Form Builder
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Laravel Form Builder Package

A Laravel package for creating a drag-and-drop form builder using the JQuery Form Builder.


Note: Features like email, registration and file uploads are disabled in the demo


alt text

The forms fields are saved as json and stored in your database. A member of your site can create, edit and delete forms. Forms belong to the users that created them and each form has a unique link that can be shared publicly.

The json version of the form can be used to render the form for users to fill.

Example Json Form:

[{"type":"header","subtype":"h1","label":"Demo Form 01"},{"type":"paragraph","subtype":"p","label":"This demo form is a potluck sign-up sheet"},{"type":"text","label":"Name","className":"form-control","name":"name","subtype":"text"},{"type":"radio-group","label":"Food Category","name":"foodcategory","other":true,"values":[{"label":"Appetizer","value":"Appetizer"},{"label":"Beverage","value":"Beverage"},{"label":"Salad","value":"Salad"},{"label":"Main","value":"Main"},{"label":"Dessert","value":"Dessert"}]},{"type":"number","label":"How many will it serve","className":"form-control","name":"numberserved","min":"1","max":"50","step":"1"},{"type":"text","label":"Dish Name","className":"form-control","name":"dishname","subtype":"text"},{"type":"checkbox-group","label":"Dietary Restrictions","description":"Which of the following does your dish contain?","name":"dietaryrestrictions","values":[{"label":"Alcohol","value":"Alcohol"},{"label":"Carbs","value":"Carbs"},{"label":"Dairy","value":"Dairy"},{"label":"Egg","value":"Egg"},{"label":"Fish","value":"Fish"},{"label":"Gluten","value":"Gluten"}]},{"type":"textarea","label":"Comment","className":"form-control","name":"comment","subtype":"textarea"}]

Form permission options

  • Public - anyone can submit the form without needing to login
  • Private - only authenticated members of your site can access the form. Provide the option for users to edit their previous submissions.


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Dependencies Included with Package

Installation Instructions

This custom package takes a couple steps to install but I will try to make it as simple as possible.

Step One:

Edit your composer.json file manually or simply type

composer require jazmy/jaz-form-builder

Step Two:

Ensure you have all your dependencies installed

composer install

Note: The package will automatically register itself using Laravel's package discovery feature for versions 5.6 and above. This means you do not need to update your config/app.php file.

Step Three:

We need to add the additional database tables so run the following command

php artisan migrate

Step Four:

Create the form package's configuration file. This will place a formbuilder.php file in your config folder. In the configuration file you can change the url path for the package's routes, layout template to use and script / style output sections.

Run the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag formbuilder-config

Step Five:

Update your blade template file. In the default laravel install the template file is located here: /resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php

You need to add tags for the new styles and scripts At the top of the blade file, just above the closing head tag:


At the bottom of the blade file, just above the closing the closing body tag:


Note: If you ever need to change which files are called using these @stack values, you can update the config file.

Step Six:

Publish the custom blade view files by running

php artisan vendor:publish --tag formbuilder-views

Publish the public assets by running

php artisan vendor:publish --tag formbuilder-public

Or you can publish everything at once with

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="jazmy\FormBuilder\FormBuilderServiceProvider"

Step Seven:

In order to properly link to attachments, you need to run the storage:link command which makes the storage folder publicly accessibly

php artisan storage:link

Accessing The Application

Ta Da! You did it! Now to access the form application.

To view submissions:

Using The Trait

You can access forms and submissions that belong to a user in your application. To use the trait add a use statement to your user model class.

use jazmy\FormBuilder\Traits\HasFormBuilderTraits;

class User extends Authenticatable
    use HasFormBuilderTraits;

You can now access the user's forms and submissions by running

$user = User::first();

// get the user's forms

// get the user's submissions

// or use static methods on the jazmy\FormBuilder\Models\Form class
$user_forms = Form::getForUser($user); // returns a paginated resultset

// the jazmy\FormBuilder\Models\Submission class also has a static method for getting the submissions
// that belong to a user
$my_submissions = Submission::getForUser($user); // returns a paginated resultset

Using Events

The package dispatches a number of events when records are created or updated so that you can listen to these events and perform custom tasks in your application's logic


Special Thanks to Farayola Oladele, one of the best Laravel programmers on Fiverr: He taught me so much and I highly recommend him for assistance on your Laravel projects.