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Timebox Planning Widget - a Rational Team Concert (RTC) extension for Timebox based Planning with SAFe support

Timebox V3 Animated Teaser

Information and latest News

Idea and goal

This project delivers a new widget for RTC (Rational Team Concert) to allow iteration/sprint planning of work items in a Tetris-Like way. This was also the inspiriation for calling it Timebox Planning.

The widget is available as a serverside plugin, which can be installed on any RTC (CCM) instance.


The Widget works for CLM V.4.0.3 and later. Currently it is in successful operation on V.6.0.3. Since it is implemented process independently it supports the brand new SAFe template as well as any others including your customizations


Today we offer you a binary distribution, which can be downloaded from this project and installed on your system. The current stable release can be downloaded directly from the Releases page.


Deploy just like any other update site:

  1. Extract the file from the zip file to the server/conf/ccm/provision_profiles directory
  2. Extract the folder to the server/conf/ccm/sites directory
  3. Restart the server

Update existing installation

  1. Request a server reset in one of the following ways:
    • If the server is currently running, call https://server-address/ccm/admin/cmd/requestReset
    • Navigate to https://localhost:9443/ccm/admin?internaltools=true so you can see the internal tools (on the left in the side-pane). Click on Server Reset and press the Request Server Reset button
    • If your server is down, you can delete the ccm built-on.txt file. Liberty packed with 6.0.3 puts this file in a subfolder of server/liberty/servers/clm/workarea/org.eclipse.osgi/**/ccm. The easiest way to locate the file is using your operating system's search capabilites.
  2. Delete previously deployed updatesite folder
  3. Follow the file extraction steps from the section above
  4. Restart the server


Please use the Issue Tracker of this repository to report issues or suggest enhancements. Please refer to our Contributing Guide if you would like to help us improving this software.


Copyright (c) Siemens AG. All rights reserved.
Licensed under the MIT License.