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@@ -15,33 +15,29 @@ Requirements
work around the Django admin and the regular ``django.contrib.auth``
login-powered pages.
-Download ``django-axes`` using **one** of the following methods:
+Download and install ``django-axes`` using **one** of the following methods:
-You can download the package from the `CheeseShop <>`_ or use::
- easy_install django-axes
+You can install the latest stable package running this command::
-to download and install ``django-axes``.
+ $ pip install django-axes
-Package Download
+Also you can install the development version running this command::
-Download the latest ``.tar.gz`` file from the downloads section and extract it
-somewhere you'll remember. Use ``python install`` to install it.
+ $ pip install -e git+
-Checkout from GitHub
-Execute the following command, and make sure you're checking ``django-axes``
-out somewhere on the ``PYTHONPATH``::
+You can install the latest stable package running::
- git clone git://
+ $ easy_install django-axes
Verifying Installation
@@ -55,6 +51,20 @@ If that command completes with some sort of version number, you're probably
good to go. If you see error output, you need to check your installation (I'd
start with your ``PYTHONPATH``).
+You can contribute to this project forking it from github and sending pull requests.
+Running tests
+Tests can be run, after you clone the repository and having django installed, like::
+ $ PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$PWD test axes --settings=axes.test_settings

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