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jaap3 commented Aug 20, 2012

This commit: 877547f has broken debug toolbar for my projects, this commit: 8059454 fixes the issue but has not been released.

Seems that a new release is in order any way, since the last release has happend quite some time ago: 1264b23


kilrogg commented Jan 3, 2013


A New release is necessary for django 1.4 cache panel support.

jaap3 commented Jan 10, 2013

Any e.t.a? Django 1.5 is about to be released and the last official release of django-debug-toolbar is nearly a year old. Not sure who owns the project on PyPI @dcramer, @jezdez or @robhudson?

jezdez commented Jan 16, 2013

Yeah, I'm up for a release but don't have PyPI permissions. @robhudson?

jaap3 commented Feb 19, 2013

Just a reminder that somebody should poke @robhudson


With Django 1.5 out I can put some time in on this. And I'll have time at pycon :)

Glench commented Apr 11, 2013

What's the current state of this ticket? Is there a fix? Is it released?

There have been no pypi release for more than a year. I know people can install the package manually or via pip from github, but that's just a temporary workaround.

jezdez commented Apr 24, 2013

Hi all, we're aware of the long release time but found it important to ship a Django 1.5 and Python 3 compatible version -- both of which are almost there. Sit tight, everyone.

Could you perhaps reconsider holding the release? We now have Django 1.6 beta, @jezdez knows best that release is going to be here soon.


@jezdez @robhudson any updates? or any way i can help to make this happen?


Yes, making a release is a good idea, and yes, the maintainers know that. However, lists of +1 don't help getting there in practice. See the discussion on #405 for more information and thanks for your understanding.

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