Idea: Show source code of views #329

RafaelPortugal opened this Issue Oct 8, 2012 · 2 comments

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I think it would be nice to see the view's source code on the request var panel, just like we can see the template.

Best regards, Rafael.


Strange, in an older installation of debug-toolbar (don't know if it is same version) on a Linux PC I can see the context where the query is executed. In my current installation I only get to see the template context. Did the authors remove this feature?


Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm afraid what you're asking for isn't going to be possible in general. A Django view is just a callable. If you're using class-based views eg. MyView.as_view() or decorating your views eg. my_decorator(my_view) it's quite hard to determine which piece of code should be shown.

If you have a concrete idea for implementing this, or even better, a pull request, I'm happy to consider it. But as is your proposal is too vague.

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