Django 1.5 warnings #364

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The code into and in utils/tracking/

from django.utils.hashcompat import sha_constructor

produce the warning:

WARNING:py.warnings:/Users/simo/.virtualenvs/pympa-develop-1.5/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/utils/ DeprecationWarning: django.utils.hashcompat is deprecated; use hashlib instead


msluis commented Mar 22, 2013

If I am not mistaken this has been fixed a while ago but there hasn't been a Pypi update for a while so the solution is not available for people using pip.

conrado commented Mar 27, 2013

well, yes it is available if you use git repo... quick fix for you on requirements.txt would be to use an editable line, eg:

-e git://

I've installed django-debug-toolbar into virtualenv with pip command

pip install -e git://

This has installed the 0.9.4 version.

Thank at all.

Installing from HEAD is not a great solution for most people.

Better would be to cut an updated release. It's been more than a year now, so it's probably about time... :-)

+1 on a PyPI update.

👍 I hate warnings in my terminal

pikeas commented Jun 6, 2013

+1. Why have no updates been pushed to PyPi in more than a year?

dvj commented Jun 26, 2013

Some warnings will become errors with the release of Django 1.6 in a couple months in accordance with the deprecation policy, ie: the use of django.conf.urls.defaults

@dcramer : you're listed as the maintainer on pypi - thoughts?

jaap3 commented Jul 9, 2013

Issue #312 is the one where everybody asks/talks about PyPi releases ;)


aaugustin commented Oct 15, 2013

This was fixed in dc62f81.

Please, let's not pile up comments asking for a release on PyPI. It's just creating noise and hiding the actual information we need to wrap up a release and push it to PyPI.

aaugustin closed this Oct 15, 2013

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