JavaScript Tests Needed #539

carltongibson opened this Issue Feb 5, 2014 · 3 comments

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DDT has a fair bit of JavaScript. Some test coverage would help avoid regressions.

First task is to decide on a test framework. Any suggestions?*

I'd say it should run in the browser and be compatible with Travis. I need to have a look around; does such a thing even exist. QUnit comes to mind for the first, no doubt there are others*

*Cue Holy War.


Whoever writes the 10 first tests get to choose the framework :)

I suspect we'll need to refactor the JS before we can really test it.


I decided to write the javascript tests before redo-ing any of the API as a way of regression testing the application.

I choose to go with selenium as it should be easy to integrate with SauceLabs and Travis.

I'll probably refactor the logic a bit before submitting the PR, but wanted to solicit feedback.


This looks good, don't forget to add the manual in docs/contributing.rst.

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