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This is an introspective interface for Django and MongoDB. Built from scratch to replicate some of the Django admin functionality, but for MongoDB.


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Introspection of mongoengine data

  • Introspection via mongo engine
  • Q based searches
  • django.contrib.admin style browsing
  • Automatic detection of field types
  • Automatic discovery of collections

Introspection of pymongodata

  • [in progress] Admin determination of which fields are displayed. Currently they can do so in the Document List view but not the Document Detail view.

  • [in progress] Introspection via pymongo. This is becoming very necessary. Plan:

    • Always guarantee the _id.
    • Allow devs to set 1 or more field as 'expected'. But there is no hard contract!
    • introspect on field types to match how pymongo pulls data. So a str is handled differently than a list field.

Data Management

  • [in progress] Admin authored Collection level document control functions
  • EmbeddedDocumentsFields
  • Editing on ListFields
  • Document Deletes
  • Editing on most other fields including ReferenceFields.
  • Automatic detection of widget types
  • Text field shorthand for letting user quickly determine type when using without mongoengine
  • Document Adds


  • [in progress] Group defined controls
  • User level controls
  • Staff level controls
  • Admin defined controls

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