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In order for this site to have ultimate usefulness it needs to have some auth around it, in order to use it in a production setting.

I recommend the following apps to achieve this:

As a note, I have this working right now locally with some hacky decorator injection.


Pull request have been merged to master for all 3 apps. I'll start working on this for a pull request after #39 has been reviewed and accepted.

wuhuaxu commented Nov 12, 2012

hello, i have a question
i am new to django and django-mongonaut
i install and configure django-mongonaut as the doc says
i visit and click into User, it says "You do not have permissions to access this content.". what is wrong with it and what should i do?
I am looking forward to your replay.
excuse me for my poor english. I am a chinese, and there is little doc about django-mongonaut in chinese

pydanny commented Nov 12, 2012


The intended design of django-mongonaut is that data editors need to be logged in as admin level users. This is to protect data. If you aren't logged in, the current design is you will get the error you reported. Log in as a super user and you should be fine.

Gary's intention on this ticket is to create finer grained permissions for data on django-mongonaut. :-)

Finally, internationalisation of django-mongonaut is something I would like to see happen. Because it runs off mongoengine it will probably be mostly a matter of template enhancements and plugging in gettext files. Once we have that in place, would you consider providing a Chinese language translation?

wuhuaxu commented Nov 13, 2012

of course i would be my pleasuer if i could do something for django-mongonaut
I don't solve the problem because I am in a emergency project. our group decide use mysql instead of mongodb because of lacking of document and I didn't solve the problem in time. But I will dig into django and mongoengine.
Again, excuse me for my pool english. If I could do any help, just tell me

neodark commented Mar 17, 2013

@garrypolley @pydanny

django-mongonaut is really a great admin tool for mongoengine database on django! Good work Daniel! and your example contribution on this was very much valuable Garry.
However, I can see this ticket was opened here 6 months ago and I was wondering if there was any progress or advancement with this issue ?
Could you please give an update over this please ? Or is it no more planned ?

pydanny commented Mar 20, 2013

@neodark, I can't speak for @garrypolley but none of the work I'm doing touches on MongoDB, so I just don't have the bandwidth for it. Once we get the final of done this might change.


I'm in a similar boat to @pydanny on this right now. Between getting married in June, working full time, and doing other open source stuff it's hard to keep up here as well.

I'm hoping once the wedding planning dies down I can get to this in the next few weeks.

neodark commented Mar 21, 2013

@pydanny : ok thanks for the information :) . By the way your book looks interesting, will have to check that.
@garrypolley : Congrats for your marriage plans! Great, so we may see you back when you have free time.

Thanks to both of you for the quick reply.


I faced an
"You do not have permissions to access this content."
error too, i have done all install instructions from but i dont see any login form

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