Allow dotted names in urlconf #41

asyncee opened this Issue Nov 10, 2012 · 2 comments

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It seems like a little bug: if my application app_name includes a dot, e.g. forum.mongo_forum then the default mongonaut's urlconf can not handle the url: it can not reverse for 'document_list' with keyword arguments like 'app_name': 'forum.mongo_forum'.
The mongo_forum application is installed right into my project and accessed with an project name prefix.

To fix that you can add dot-symbol to mongonaut's urlconf:
for all of your url patterns (document
{list, detail, detail_edit_form, detail_add_form}, etc).



The proposed solution has worked for me. Could you please make it official?

Jazzband member

@asyncee @ericson-cepeda We accept pull requests. 😉

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