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Separate Resource Server

Django OAuth Toolkit allows to separate the :term:`Authentication Server` and the :term:`Resource Server.` Based on the RFC 7662 Django OAuth Toolkit provides a rfc-compliant introspection endpoint. As well the Django OAuth Toolkit allows to verify access tokens by the use of an introspection endpoint.

Setup the Authentication Server

Setup the :term:`Authentication Server` as described in the :ref:`tutorial`. Create a OAuth2 access token for the :term:`Resource Server` and add the introspection-Scope to the settings.

    'read': 'Read scope',
    'write': 'Write scope',
    'introspection': 'Introspect token scope',

The :term:`Authentication Server` will listen for introspection requests. The endpoint is located within the oauth2_provider.urls as /introspect/.

Example Request:

POST /o/introspect/ HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Authorization: Bearer 3yUqsWtwKYKHnfivFcJu


Example Response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "active": true,
  "client_id": "oUdofn7rfhRtKWbmhyVk",
  "username": "jdoe",
  "scope": "read write dolphin",
  "exp": 1419356238

Setup the Resource Server

Setup the :term:`Resource Server` like the :term:`Authentication Server` as described in the :ref:`tutorial`. Add RESOURCE_SERVER_INTROSPECTION_URL and either RESOURCE_SERVER_AUTH_TOKEN or RESOURCE_SERVER_INTROSPECTION_CREDENTIALS as a (id,secret) tuple to your settings. The :term:`Resource Server` will try to verify its requests on the :term:`Authentication Server`.

    'RESOURCE_SERVER_AUTH_TOKEN': '3yUqsWtwKYKHnfivFcJu', # OR this but not both:
    # 'RESOURCE_SERVER_INTROSPECTION_CREDENTIALS': ('rs_client_id','rs_client_secret'),

RESOURCE_SERVER_INTROSPECTION_URL defines the introspection endpoint and RESOURCE_SERVER_AUTH_TOKEN an authentication token to authenticate against the :term:`Authentication Server`. As allowed by RFC 7662, some external OAuth 2.0 servers support HTTP Basic Authentication. For these, use: RESOURCE_SERVER_INTROSPECTION_CREDENTIALS=('client_id','client_secret') instead of RESOURCE_SERVER_AUTH_TOKEN.