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Merge 71c6cb2 into 22ccd97

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auvipy committed Apr 5, 2019
2 parents 22ccd97 + 71c6cb2 commit c1e84b03d0c708b211826f1f9503d80b1cbecba8
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@@ -18,10 +18,10 @@ deps = pytest
dynamodb: boto
pgmagick: pgmagick
wand: wand
django111: Django>=1.11a,<2.0
django20: Django>=2.0a1,<2.1
django21: Django>=2.1a1,<2.2
django22: Django>=2.2a1,<3.0
django111: Django>=1.11,<2.0
django20: Django>=2.0,<2.1
django21: Django>=2.1,<2.2
django22: Django>=2.2,<3.0

setenv = PYTHONPATH = {toxinidir}:{toxinidir}
pil: DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=tests.settings.pil

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