Demo project using CMB2
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CMB2: Electric Boogaloo

electric boogaloo

This is a demo project for CMB2 to show you how you can use CMB2 in various types of projects.

###Branches The repo is split into different branches that give different implementation examples.

In each case, CMB2 is loaded as a submodule in the GitHub repository.

###Resources Some additional links for reference and more information about CMB2

CMB2 Project Repo
CMB2 in plugins repository
CMB2 GitHub Wiki
A list of possible field types in CMB2
CMB2: The Metabox Strikes Back Justin Sternberg's (CMB2 lead dev) talk for WC Raleigh
CMB2: The Metabox Strikes Back (slides)
DoItWithWP review of CMB2
Attaching posts to other posts with CMB2
CMB2 Example Plugin A cool demo of how to use CMB2 as well as some tips and tricks

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