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Human Made Plugin Generator

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Yeoman WordPress plugin generator based on Human Made's coding standards.


Check out an example of a generated plugin.


The following humans contributed to this awesome generator:

jazzsequence, CamdenSegal, jtsternberg, binarygary, bradp, JeffreyNaval, gregrickaby, DevNIX, JPry


This is a fork of the WDS Plugin Generator.

The main difference between the HM and WDS generator is the structure of the generated plugins. The HM generator assumes plugins to be built on PHP7+ using namespaces throughout rather than singleton classes.

Getting Started

Pre-requisites: You'll need node which comes with npm.

If you don't have Yeoman installed:

npm install -g yo

To install generator-hm-plugin from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-hm-plugin

To use generator-hm-plugin, cd to your WordPress plugins folder and:

yo hm-plugin

You'll be prompted with steps for creating your plugin.

(Planned) Sub-generators

Once your nifty new plugin has been generated, cd into your new plugin's directory. While in the plugin directory, you can run additional commands called sub-generators to automatically generate files to enhance your plugin.