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  • Added secret levels to menu when unlocked
  • Added campaign progress to menu
  • Added player/orb sounds to replays
  • Added option to enable/disable gamepad
  • Added short messages for config changes
  • Fixed various bugs in house level
  • Fixed some compile warnings
  • Minor bug fixes
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@jazztickets jazztickets released this May 4, 2019 · 16 commits to master since this release

  • Added 16 new levels including a secret level
  • Replaced Bullet physics engine with ODE
  • Physics now runs at 500hz
  • Updated UI which now scales with resolution
  • Added replay sorting
  • Added freecamera mode to replays
  • Added gameplay options
  • Added mouse sensitivity to options
  • Added option for disabling multiple lights
  • Added replay validation
  • Added rolling friction
  • Updated some tutorial levels
  • Windows build now uses MinGW-w64
  • Added irrlicht source to project and fixed many irrlicht bugs
  • Increased quality of in-game screenshots
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@jazztickets jazztickets released this Oct 2, 2015 · 275 commits to master since this release

  • Redesigned replay screen
  • Added new tutorial level
  • Added installer for windows
  • Can selectively enable gamepads in config file
  • Added per-axis deadzone to config
  • Next-level button works across campaigns now
  • Added level name and highscore to HUD
  • Autosave replays for new records
  • Updated replay format
  • Switched to c++11
  • Various fixes to build system
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Sep 19, 2015
Jul 18, 2015
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