Android LogCat inspired logger for NodeJS.
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Android Log Cat Inspired Logger for NodeJS

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$ npm install --save jlogger

A simple logger inspired by Android LogCat for NodeJS. This logger provides functions like Log.e(), Log.w(), Log.i() and Log.d() as in Android App Development. The display is as

Source code for screenshot Screenshot

**Note: Known issues when running with forever.js. Run with --colors if colors are not showing. **


var Log = require('jlogger');

Log.addGlobalConfig("defaultTag", "defaultTag");  //Default tag for every log

var TAG = "some TAG";

Log.e(TAG, "your msg"); //This msg will be in red
Log.error(TAG, "your msg"); //This msg will be in red

Log.w(TAG, "msg"); //In yellow
Log.warn(TAG, "msg"); //In yellow

Log.i(TAG, "msg"); //In green, "msg"); //In green

Log.d(TAG, "msg"); //This is white

Log.d("blue", TAG, "msg"); //Specify color
Log.debug(color, TAG, "msg"); //Specify color. Default is white;  //Draw a dashed horizontal line. Default length is that of the terminal

If you want a new instance of the Logger, having different properties from global config use:

var Log = require('jlogger');
var Log2 = new Log.Logger({"defaultTag": "another default tag"});

Log2.e(TAG, "Another instance of logger");
// or
Log.e("Msg with default TAG");

Available customisations

  "defaultTag": "<your default tag name>",  //Default tag for when tag is not specified
  "tagBold": <true/false>,  //If true then tags will be in bold,
  "hrLength": <length of hr>,   //Default length of horizontal line. If not specified then it fits to terminal size
  "hrChar": "=",  //Draw horizontal line with specified character. Default is "-"
  "adaptScreenSize": <true/false>, //If true then hr width will fit the current terminal size
  "projectName": "<your project name>",  //Display this in your log
  "showProjectName": <true/false>,  //If false then project name is not printing in log. Default is true

Using, showTimestamp, color, tag, char);

length: Number Number of characters to draw. Default is set by global Config showTimeStamp: true/false Whether to show timestamp. Default is false color: color name Color for the horizontal line tag: tag tag for hr char: "=" String with which the hr is to be drawn. (tag parameter should be present, atleast an empty placeholder)

###Sections You can create a section in your terminal by using Log.section().

//color : The color of section divider. Default is blue
//msg: message to be inserted in center of line
//char: character to draw section divider with
Log.section(color, msg, char);

###JSON formatting No need to stringify the json to display. The module displays it with correct indentation.

var obj = {
   name: "Jibin Mathews",
   email: ""

Log.e(TAG, obj);
Log.d("blue", TAG, obj);

##Release Notes

  1. Release 1.3.0
    • Added Sectioning
  2. Release 1.2.0
    • Added JSON formatting
    • Text wrapping (Changed from character based wrapping to word based wrapping)
    • Bug fix with setting config
  3. Release 1.1.0
    • Added horizontal rule
  4. Release 1.0.0
    • Initial Release