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A redis-like wrapper for javascript data storage using localStorage as the default persistent data-store.


Modern browsers provide a native javascript localStorage object which acts as a simple client-side key-value store per origin. Currently, storage is limited to 5MB and can only store strings as values (integers, floats, and booleans are coerced into strings upon save).

Redis is an insanely popular key-value server on steroids. It provides many more capabilities than just simple key-value storage.

BankersBox aims to bring redis-like APIs and behavior to the client-side using localStorage as the default data backing mechanism. You can store strings, arrays, and javscript objects in BankersBox. Behind the scenes, BankersBox transparently uses JSON.stringify and JSON.parse to save and restore non-string values to their original types.

BankersBox uses a pluggable storage adapter system so that other methods may be used to persist and restore data other than with localStorage. See the Storage Adapters section below.

BankersBox is not a redis client. It is only meant to be a storage abstraction with redis-like APIs and behaviors for those familiar with the redis way. If you are looking for a javascript redis client (e.g. for use with node.js) please turn back now.


Like redis, BankersBox has the concept of "databases" which are just stores with different index numbers. BankersBox takes the id of the store you wish to use in the constructor. Each id maps to a different store, so if you set "foo" in two separate stores, they will retain their separate values.

var bb = new BankersBox(1);

bb.set("foo", "bar");
bb.get("foo"); // returns "bar"

bb.set("count", 10);
bb.incr("count"); // sets "count" to 11, returns 11

bb.incr("newcount"); // sets "newcount" to 1, returns 1

bb.lpush("mylist", "hello");
bb.lrange("mylist", 0, -1); // returns ["hello"]

bb.rpush("mylist", "world");
bb.lrange("mylist", 0, -1); // returns ["hello", "world"]

bb.sadd("myset", "apple");
bb.sadd("myset", "oragne");
bb.smembers("myset"); // returns ["apple", "orange"]
bb.sismember("myset", "apple"); // returns true
bb.sismember("myset", "lemon"); // returns false
bb.scard("myset"); // returns 2

Notes on BankersBox data types


Keys must be strings.

Simple key-value pairs

In redis, key-value values must also be strings, but with BankersBox you can also store numbers, booleans, arrays, and objects.

When dealing with operations that involve numeric values (incr, decr, etc) the values should be numbers (duh).


Values stored in lists can also be strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, and objects.


Values stored in sets should be strings. When storing arrays or objects in sets, the behavior is undefined.

Implemented Functions

  • KEYS
    • keys
    • del
    • exists
    • type
    • append
    • decr
    • decrby
    • incr
    • incrby
    • get
    • getset
    • set
    • setnx
    • strlen
    • none, see
    • lindex
    • llen
    • lpop
    • lpush
    • lpushx
    • lrange
    • lrem
    • lset
    • ltrim
    • rpop
    • rpoplpush
    • rpush
    • rpushx
  • SETS
    • sadd
    • scard
    • sismember
    • smembers
    • smove
    • spop
    • srandmember
    • srem
    • none, see
    • select

Storage Adapters

By default, BankersBox will use localStorage to persist data between sessions.

The main bankersbox.js file comes with two adapters built in:

  • BankersBoxLocalStorageAdapter - default adapter for using localStorage
  • BankersBoxNullAdapter - adapter which does not persist or restore data anywhere, good for testing

To specify your desired storage adapter, pass it into the constructor in the options hash:

bb = new BankersBox(1, {adapter: new BankersBoxNullAdapter()});

To create your own adapter, you must create an object which has the following three functions:

  • storeItem(key, value)
    • stores a value in the data-store associated with a key
    • param: key - a string
    • param: value - a string
    • returns: void
  • getItem(key)
    • retrieves a value from the data-store for the associated key
    • param: key - a string
    • returns: string - the value represented by key
  • removeItem(key)
    • deletes the value in the data-store associated with the key
    • param: key - a string
    • returns: void

If you create your own adapters, please add appropriate unit tests following the examples in the tests/adapter_* files.

API Usage

BankersBox has tried to adhere as closely as possible to the Redis command API and return values associated with each command.

You can read the full Redis Command Documentation.

In the cases where Redis would normally return a nil value, BankersBox will return the javascript null value. In the cases where Redis would return an error, BankersBox will throw a BankersBoxException or BankersBoxKeyException depending on the situation.

Usage On Your Webpage

Simply copy bankersbox.js (or bankersbox.min.js if you have minified) to your site's static assets folder and link to it inside your page source:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/bankersbox.js"></script>

BankersBox depends on using a global JSON object which must provide parse and stringify functions. Make sure to include a JSON library in the page as well or BankersBox will throw an exception when you try to instantiate.


To develop on BankersBox, simply hack on bankersbox.js.

To install the node modules needed for testing, simply:

npm install


BankersBox has a large suite of unit tests. If you add new functionality, please update (or add) the appropriate tests/bb_* file with new tests. You can run the unit tests with:

make test


BankersBox is minified using the Google Closure javascript compression tool. This is handled in the Makefile with:

make min

This will output bankersbox.min.js. To test the minified version as well, simply:

make testall


MIT License - see LICENSE for details


Pull requests welcome, please contribute!


redis-like wrapper for javascript storage







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