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Pubnub disconnect issues #1

vivek-noisetoys opened this Issue Oct 22, 2011 · 1 comment

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Hi there,

We've been using the iOS SDK you created for Pubnub for a while. We've been having issues with disconnects and reconnects on iOS4 and iOS 5 where a user would lose the connect to Pubnub and then be unable to reconnect (both to the publishing and subscriber channels). As a result the client is unable to send and receive messages (and naturally other clients that are connected to Pubnub are unable to receive them).

Have you had any experience with this in the demo app or any suggestions on what we could do on our side? Thanks much.



Also finding that dropped message were due to some publish request being badly formatted and the current Objective C framework not redirecting those properly to the DidFailToPublish Callback.

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